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Project Description
GShield is an ESRB V-Chip for computer games. GShield allows parents to control what games are played on the computer much like they can control what shows are viewed on the TV. Parents can select which ESRB ratings are alright for their child to play and GShield will monitor the games played and attempt to find the rating for that game, at which point if it violates the policy the parent setup the game is terminated. GShield is another tool for parents to use to keep unwanted content away from their kids and help the parents maintain control of their computer.

In addition to blocking games based on their ESRB rating parents can also use GShield to limit the amount of time spent playing computer games. Parents can also limit games on time based on days of the week, say they don't want their child playing more then two hours on school nights but they can play eight hours on weekends, or they can turn off games all together, i.e. to enforce a grounding or drop in school grades.

Project Goals
The primary goal of the GShield project is to give parents a central management console to secure their computer from unwated games, inapproate games and too much game playing. GShield also needs to be easy to use and administor which would be a stumling block for a parent setting up and using the system.



Project History
I had the idea for the GShield system in October 2006 when learning of the rating systems built into the next generation of console systems, like the PS3 and XBox 360. I searched the Internet for a while and determined there were no systems to offer then protection to the Windows platform. Though technically difficult I decided it would worth the effort and possible help parents even if the system could never reach 100% automatic accuracy. GShield has been in active development since November 2006 and was released as Open Source on May 2007. GShield was created by and is maintained by Shawn Jackson of WaveTech Digital Technologies, Inc.

To learn more about the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and game ratings please visit

ToDo List
  • Time of Day (Game Blackout) Watcher

Project Status
Module Completion Status
Reporting 70%
Documentation 60%
Enhanced ESRB Ratings 95%
Watchdog 40%
Logging 90%
Email Alerts 40%

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